As any passionate photographer will tell you, photography is more than about just clicking pictures and capturing memories. Though yes it does deal with this, those who view photography as more of an art form are those who really succeed within the industry. The ability to hold onto one moment in time forever is an astounding thing, although bigger and better technology now has overshadowed the magnificent discovery that is the camera. Today, photography is a widespread profession and a thriving industry, and when hunting for one for your own needs, you should keep your eyes peeled for the following characteristics.


Not that your photographer’s 5-year plan is going to be relevant or of any use to you, but when you interact with someone who is passionate about their work, you cannot help but notice it. Ambitious people are driven, and their energy is palpable. You want people like that covering your events. You do not want someone who thinks the whole time that they would rather be swallowed by the floor. Ambition is what keeps you going, and it is rare, so when you find someone with it, try not to be too hasty in letting them go unless there is of course, a very valid reason.

Technical Skills

At the same time, a photographer who is only good behind the lens cannot really do much, except for perhaps running their own blog or something like that. Whether you have hired or someone else, you need to make sure they have at least some technical skills. You want them to be able to edit the photographs accordingly, as well as cater to the client’s requirements. Technical skills also includes things like handling digital equipment such as lights, external cameras and so on.


A sloppy photograph is the work of a sloppy photographer, and a sloppy photographer is one who does not pay attention to detail. They merely take pictures, without focusing on key features that may be in the surrounding areas. While the picture may initially look alright, on close inspection you may find small defects that can prevent you from enlarging and hanging it. There are many issues you will have to deal with if you are not careful when selecting the right photographer.


A good photographer should be easy to get along with. As the client, you want to feel relaxed and able to offer various ideas and concepts and obtain their feedback in turn. A surly photographer is not really going to make you want to smile now are they? Not only should they be warm and open, they should also be flexible and willing to adapt accordingly. You may want to change a few things as the event looms closer, which is completely alright. If they become sour about it, then you may have problems with them at the actual event, which is not fair on your part, especially since you are paying for a professional service. So be sure to first meet with your photographer, before locking them in.