Are you a bit bewildered by the many different types of servers that are out there and what each of them can offer you? You are definitely not alone. There are hundreds upon hundreds of companies that are providing server support to many different businesses today and they all have so many different plans that can make it very hard for you to figure out which plan is the best for you. Then comes a long line of jargon that will throw you completely off the scale and you will be wondering what you are even trying to do. So here are some brief explanations of the different types of server support that you can get for your website today and what you can expect from each of them.

Shared Web Server Support

Shared server support simply means that your website will be run on a server that will also be supporting other websites. You do not get a server for yourself. The biggest advantage of this kind of setup is the fact that the cost will also be shared by everybody who is using that particular server. You may even only need to pay something as low as ten dollars in some cases because you will be sharing this server with hundreds and thousands of other users. You will however, need to consider the fact that there are other sites and that you will be working together with them on some level. For example in some cases there will be times when a site that pulls in a lot of traffic will slow down the speed of other sites. Things like this are really well known facts and if you visit any informative site like you will see that they do provide all the information you need to know beforehand.

Reseller Website Server Support

These are in theory server support packages that are in general shared server support spaces that also have extra tools to help you resell that space if you do not need it. They often have a lot more in terms of control technically and even billing software that will help you to invoice other users and enjoy some other benefits as well. These include templates for websites that are free of charge, technical support that will be given by the server company and a private name server which can be good for your business reputation for a price that is affordable as well. If you want to resell the server space that you have at some point this will be a great choice for you.

Cloud Based Website Server Support

This refers to a very new category of technology in server support that has allowed hundreds of separate servers to actually work together so that it becomes one massive server. The logic behind this is that as the demand increases the server support company will be able to just keep on adding the commodity hardware to a bigger grid.


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