Nowadays, numerous channels have been used to advertise. You can see them everywhere you go. In fact, even advertisements exist when you are peeing inside a public restroom. Intense, right? But face it. Advertisers today would do anything just to get your attention and for you to remember them. For then, getting your attention and remembering them are two different things that involve utmost effort. No wonder, organizations spend millions of dollars on advertising and promotions. Although the target audience commonly dictates the type of advertising channel that you should use, there are generally three (3) types of categories that you can choose from:

ATL Advertising

Also known as the Above-The-Line Advertising, this channel is often used to reach a wide range of audience, but generally untargeted to a specific one. This type of channel aims to create and increase brand awareness among its audience. This can range from broadcast media such as television and radio, to print media such as flyers and leaflets. There are also out-of-home (OOH) advertising such as billboards and outdoor banners. Among these, the most expensive advertising medium is the broadcast media, particularly the television. The print media, on the other hand, ventured into the digital ones with the advent of technology. Although both the broadcast and the print media target customers in their home, the OOH is designed to reach customers who are outside the comforts of their home.

BTL Advertising

Unlike the ATL Advertising that targets a wide range of audience, the Below-The-Line or BTL Advertising serves as one-on-one advertising. It could be through direct marketing or product placement. The direct marketing, as you may have heard before, involves telemarketing or email or direct mail. The telemarketing uses a phone to offer products to its customers. The email or direct mail applies the same concept but uses the traditional mail or electronic mail in doing so. The product placement, on the other hand, involves product exposure in a TV show, wherein the products are used to entertain the audiences. A most common way of doing this is when a product could be directly seen during a particular scene in a movie.

TTL Advertising

The Through-The-Line or TTL Advertising involves combining the ATL and BTL Advertising methods to gain a broader reach and to target consumers. The most common and inexpensive way of doing so is through digital marketing. As more and more consumers today are online, organizations take this opportunity to reach and attract their customers. In fact, with just a few clicks, you can reach an international audience without spending too much for it through the use of social media. Although some still use online advertisements wherein you can see random advertisements on random internet pages, there are cheaper options on how to venture into TTL advertising.

This only shows that there are tremendous advertising methods that you can adopt. Some could be costly and some could be cheaper, but it all boils down to your ultimate purpose of reaching your target audience and making them remember you. Analyze which one suits your target market and you’re ready to go with your advertising plan.