When you open up your own office you would understand that there is a world of a difference in working at a company and running your own company. When you work for someone you are only responsible for your work and are supposed to do what your job description states. However, once you turn into an entrepreneur your work hours get hectic, you have to constantly guide and motivate your workers but the reward is worth it. So if you plan on opening up your own office here are few things you need to do.

A Good Space for Yourself

It is okay to think about yourself first so make sure you have a good spot, preferably in the center of the office so you could keep a track of all your employees. Make sure your glasses are transparent that way you will be able to notice if a particular employee doing his/her work or simply idling his time. Your office needs to have the basic stuff such as work desk, office chair, laptop and a good air conditioner. Keep in mind that as a startup entrepreneur you will have a lot of work to do so look into your comfort otherwise you will put out the frustration on the employees which isn’t a good idea!

Employee’s Comfort

You cannot neglect your employees comfort. A lot of companies in China have been accused of treating their employees unfairly by making them work in poor conditions. The law in the West is pretty strong so if you want your business image to be positive then you need to treat your employee’s right. Apart from giving them decent pay and a daily dose of motivation that they need. You need to give them a good comfortable place to work with the right toilet facilities. You could also design a game room where your employees could chill during breaks. Companies like Google and Facebook take this really seriously which is why they have been able to be successful. Apart from that, you need to provide clean drinking water, so you should invest in an office water cooler. If you treat your workers right they will perform better which will improve your firm’s brand image.

Make it Professional

If you are renting out a space and using it as your office make sure you make it look professional. For example when painting pick out colors like black and white. Don’t go for bright colors it spoils the professional look. Apart from that have a reception desk right near the entrance so anyone who is new will get good guidance. Also keep in mind that your office is in an area which has good network coverage and if it doesn’t then get it fixed. This is extremely important because you wouldn’t want to miss out on big consumers because of it.

Lastly, your office needs you most of the time so make sure you u come in good mood because if you don’t then it might affect your employees as well. Try to be in your best mood even though on your bad days that might seem the hardest thing to do.

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