Investments are truly not for the faint hearted. They can be a truly exhilarating process if executed in a correct and polished manner. What a lot of the population does not know is that there are so many different types of things that you can invest in- most of them go for the most obvious but the wisest invest in funds. There is a variety of funds that you can pick and choose from and even have them tailor made according to your preferences. Funds are an extremely easy thing to understand and most often than not there are professionals in that area who can provide you with all the necessary information to ensure that you have indefinitely made the correct choice. There are many types of funds that you can invest in but here are a few of our top picks.

Company Funds (Equity Funds)

These are basically when the stocks are bought of publicly traded company by the equity mutual funds. These types of funds have a higher potential for growth. Most financial planners would advise you to invest in such funds as they have a guaranteed level of profits. The funds are usually based on the companies size and usually would only focus on the Large-cap, Mid-cap or even the small-cap fund. The fund return on these types of fund can be extremely big.

Global and Emerging Market Funds

These are basically the funds that are based on geography as it is easier for a group of investors in a particular region to collectively pool in their sources. How these funds are built is that international companies invest in companies that do business outside the US. You can find the best emerging market funds by doing some research. Emerging market funds like the term itself portrays are funds that target smaller countries but that have a good and growing market.

Bond Funds

In this type of fund investors are paid a fixed amount in line with their initial payment.  They are an extremely popular form of funds that a lot of people invest in. moreover, the ICI further states that bond funds make up one of every five funds in the market. This is commonly used by investors that are nearing the retirement age as it brings about more money than funds that sit in a savings account.

Index Tracking Funds ( Passive Funds)

What this fund aims to do is match the performance of a particular stock market index hence the name. An example of this would be the FTSE 100 which is actually a list of the 100 biggest companies in the UK. What essentially happens through investing in this type of fund is that there various types of companies that bring in a huge amount of profit that you can invest in.

Thus in conclusion we can see that there are numerous funds that you can duly invest your funds in. as much as possible it is advised to go into intricate details and widen your possibilities when investing.