If you’re a worker, you may have experienced sexual harassment in your office. Such a situation is horrible and there are various steps you should take to counter the situation. Below, we’ll be running through them.

Confront Them

Let’s say your boss says something inappropriate to you. If you don’t confront him, you’re going to make way for an uncomfortable situation in the future. He’ll think you’re okay with the abuse, constantly targeting you.

The moment you feel uncomfortable with him around, be sure to tell him to stop. This confrontation asserts that you do not like what he’s doing. This will cause him to back down as he wouldn’t expect you to call him out.

Get Aggressive

Not only should you tell him to stop, but you should also be aggressive about it. This would ensure he doesn’t bother you again as you’re not somebody to be messed with.

If he tries and touches you, use your fists as self-defence. This teaches him a very valuable lesson from womankind.

Let Others Know

If he does something inappropriate to you and there are others around do not be shy. Be sure to scream, yelling for him to get away from you.

This will direct the office to him, helping you scare him for good. What’s more is, he’ll be afraid you’ll tell on him so the chances of him bothering you again are low.

Document the Incident

You need to document the incident taking place. This is very important if you’re planning on reporting him to higher ups. You can do this by having your phone with you, having its recorder on at all times. This would catch all the inappropriate things he’s telling you.

For further proof, try and video him being inappropriate. This is definite proof that your company’s higher-ups would regard.

With the evidence at your disposal, you can easily get him fired.

Get a Lawyer

With the evidence ready, you could report him to the people you work for. However, this isn’t the most severe action you could take. Be sure to report him to the police if you want him to pay for his crime.

In many countries, sexual abuse is a serious offense. So, the offender would pay serious time behind bars. That’s why you should hire a personal injury lawyer. They’ll be able to charge your co-worker.

What’s more is, many personal injury lawyers are free- they have a no win, no fee policy. If interested and looking for a no win no fee lawyers Melbourne has many.

Sue the Company

The people you work for maybe at fault. They hired such an individual without screening them. Because of this, you had to endure trauma. Hence, it’s only right that you take legal action against your employers.

At the end of such a settlement, you could walk away with a lot of money.

That being said, this is a pretty big step to take as you could potentially run the company bankrupt.

Making note of everything discussed, there multiple things you’ll have to do when dealing with a sexual harassment incident at work. If you follow the above points, you know what to do.

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