If you’re a mother, you want your little one to grow up with a critical mind. Thankfully, there are many ways you can achieve this. Below, we’ll be running through these methods, so keep reading to find out more.

Play With Others

When your child is small, it’s very important that you get them to play with others. By playing with children of their age, they’ll learn to interact with others, learning that each person is different.

From an early age, your child would be able to know how to interact with others, making them a better thinker. They’ll be able to avoid sticky social interactions in the future.

What’s more is, constantly playing with others helps kids communicate. They’ll be able to refine their ability to get points across. In the long run, such skills will help them with arguments, allowing them to question everything that’s around them.

Reading Is Fundamental

Your little one needs to hit the books. It’s important that he reads as much as possible. This lets him learn about a myriad of topics. These would widen his knowledge, helping him think about more abstract concepts.

From a young age, if you bombard him with books, you’ll increase his want to question things. What’s more is, learning to read from a young age is good as it gives him a head start.

You can do this by reading to him, helping him grasp words.

Ask Them Questions

It’s recommended that you speak to your little one all the time. This can be done even when they’re in the womb. By constantly hearing questions and answers, they’ll learn how to respond. They’ll also widen their vocabulary.

This would be very beneficial when you start asking them open-ended questions. By doing so, you make them come to a conclusion, sharpening their thinking skills. However, you should be careful as some open questions can be tricky, so pick appropriate ones for your child’s age.


Kids love toys. Your little one is no different, which is why you need to get him as many as possible. Most toys on the market are educational. They’ll help your kid expand his knowledge while having fun.

What’s more, is:

Many of them tackle your child’s cognitive skills. They provide tasks that require heavy thinking to solve. Thankfully, there are a range of such toys for every age range.

One of the most popular is Vtech toys. Vtech is perfect for the youngest kids, so don’t be shy.


You may think your little one is too young to form hypotheses, but you’re wrong. While playing, you should ask him what he thinks will happen if you do such a thing. This causes him to produce a hypothesis.

This will be the framework of solving solutions in the future. You can take it up a notch, getting him to produce hypotheses for various situations.

With everything mentioned taken into consideration, it’s easy to see there are many ways to improve your kid’s critical thinking skills. If you follow the above points, you’re sure to do so.

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