Are you failing at training your dog? Then perhaps you happen to be doing something incorrectly. A lot of the time pet owners wonder why their canines are not able to grasp the training that is being provided to them. What you do need to realize though is that your dog will learn from you and take directive from you. so, if you happen to be giving them the wrong directives, they will certainly make mistakes, right? Here are some common training mistakes that you need to avoid.

Training the Dog for Too Long

Long sessions of canine training are not recommended. The dog will most probably get bored especially if they are still a puppy or an adolescent dog with a short attention span. You would also eventually feel exhausted and therefore lose attention on what the canine is doing. Remember that it is about the dog. Also just think about it this way. Do you remember how difficult it was for you to stay and pay attention in a class that went on for hours on end? Imagine how difficult it must be for your puppy. Ten minutes of training is more than enough and nothing more.

Don’t Keep on Pushing

Another mistake that most people make is that they keep on pushing and pushing for the puppy to do something right when they keep on making some mistake. The best way to handle this would be to stop and change your approach. For instance, if the puppy is making the mistake more than three times, you pushing and pushing will not make it any different. The only thing that will happen is that you and your pet both get frustrated. Often if the puppy is doing the same mistake, it is because you are not clear enough for them to follow.

Training When You Are in A Bad Mood

Make sure that you do not start training your puppy when you are not feeling it or when you are in a bad mood. This is for sure a recipe for a disaster because as soon as the puppy fails to follow through you will find that you are taking out all your frustration and anger on the puppy and that should never happen. It will damage the trust that exists between the both of you. Because of that make sure that you first wait for your mood to fix itself. Either focus on doing something else or just hang out with your dog and give them cuddles. Once your mod is alright you can get to the training.

Don’t Train Them in The Same Place

Another mistake that a lot of people make is that they train the dog in just one place like your living room or your garden and then wonder why the pet does not follow your commands when you give it to them at a different location. Dogs are not capable of generalizing and that is why it is your job to train them in different places to let that idea of following the command sink in.