One of the best ways to live the finest of pleasures in life is to try out your sexuality and what pleases you the most. Regardless of your gender, sexuality or relationship status, you should be able to please yourself sexually and be able to get the feeling that will satisfy you inside and out.

If you want the best pleasures of sex, you should take one step further and start using toys. One of the best toys for everyone out there are anal toys because whether you have a vagina or a penis, an anal toy can please you in ways unimaginable. If you are new to trying anal toys, you will certainly feel scared about trying these toys out. Here is everything you need to on how to have fun with funtasias anal toys:

Choose the right material for the anal toys

When shopping for anal toys, you will be presented with a wide range of materials. Depending on the material that you choose, the experience that you get will differ. If you are a beginner, it is ideal that you choose silicone anal toys as they are easy to work with.

In terms of hygiene, you should always choose nonporous materials which will not be a breeding ground for bacteria after cleaning thoroughly. Some of the nonporous materials that are used for anal toys are stainless steel, silicone and Pyrex. You should keep from using anal toys which are made from non-porous material such as plastic as they will not give a good clean to your anal toys, thus, there is a high chance of infections when using these anal toys.

The right choice of lubes

To get the best experience and to save yourself from a lot of pain, it is needed that use a good lube. Again, when you are shopping for lubes, you will be given choices: water based lubes, oil based lubes and also silicone based lubes.

If you are using silicone anal toys, always use a water based lube. If you use a silicone based lube on silicone anal toys, the silicone will break down. You don’t want that.  Be sure to research the type of the lube which is most compatible with the material of anal toys that you are using to guarantee that you get the best experience.

Cleaning up

After you use the anal toys to get the best sexual experience, you should not forget to clean them up. Always use warm water and soap to clean up. It is important that you don’t insert the anal toys into your vagina after inserting it into your anus because it will increase the risk of infections.

If you are using a silicone anal toy, you can easily wash them in the dishwasher as well. When you are using non porous toys, you can even boil them to kill the bacteria. Thus, you will be extra safe when you use anal toys.