If you happen to own your own car, you would know that feeling of wanting to have a little bit more power under the hood, right? We all want a vehicle that can give us a smoother and after ride and maintain good performance. Sometimes however getting there can cost you a little and you would also definitely need the help of experts.

Your automobile, without a doubt will need to have a lot more combustion going on in the fuel chamber if it has to go faster, that is for sure. However, that said, you cannot achieve this by increasing the amount of oil that you add because the engine has a limited capacity. The key here would be to modify it in order to make it work better with more air and fuel. Here are some of the things that you can do in order boost the power of your engine and make sure that it runs faster.

Get the Help of a Forced Induction System

If you really want to see what will happen and how you can add to the horsepower you can use a supercharger or a turbocharger and add that to the equation. If you have ever thought of using Aeroflow Turbos this would be the way to go.

Now keep in mind that these will be able to increase or boost the power of the engine by over 50% and that these will usually work through supplying more air into the block of the engine and therefore helping it to burn more fuel and also yield more horsepower.

Use A Cold Air Intake Mechanism

Another method in which you can make this happen would be to use a cold air intake method. This would also be the cheapest way in which you can increase the horsepower and the torque. The CAI can be identified as an aftermarket assembling of parts that will help your vehicle to maintain a situation where the pulled in air will stay cold as well a dense.

This air will then get combined with the fuel and then together, they will burn well to give you more power. When the air is condensed it is a given that more and more air will get into the cylinder and that will also automatically give more air for the combustion process.

Think About Reducing the Weight

If you just think about it whether or not you are an automobile expert, it is a given that the lighter a vehicle is, the faster it will move. You will now have to get the heavy and the bulky parts of the vehicle replaced. This does not just apply to the engine area but to the entirety of the vehicle.

If there are any extra seats you can get rid of them. You can throw out anything in the trunk that you will not be using. You can also switch your glass windows for acrylic ones and you can also substitute the conventional brakes that you have for disc brakes. All of these together will lend the car more aerodynamic capacity and therefore will also help the engine use more power.