Bridal shower is one of the was to celebrate the bride-to-be. Often the responsibility of planning a bridal shower falls to the bridesmaids. However, for some of us who has never had to do this before, planning a bridal shower can come across as the most difficult task to plan. Take a look at the tips below to find out how to plan a bridal shower.


There are a few things that needs to be in your to-do list. But first and foremost, decide on a budget. Usually it falls onto the host to pay for the event. So, if that it you, even though you want to give a glamorous over the top party to the bride, you have to remember how to manage the finances. So,plan your budget and set aside money to spend for several things including food and drink, decorations if necessary and gifts.

Date and Time

The next duty is to set a date and time for the party. A bridal shower should not happen too soon nor should it happen the day before the wedding. And above all, it should be a date where every guest, specially the bride herself is available to attend. Once you have set a date, arranging a time will not be a hard task. It is better to consult the bride before you finalise the date.


Who should be included and exclude from the guest list?Once again, consult the bride for this. She will have a list of people who must be included in the guest list – people whom the bride really wants with her. These people come on top of the guest list. Bridal showers aren’t usually planned with too many guests and ideally has forty to fifty guests. But if the bride prefers a more intimate and a small party, then it is fine even if you limit the party to ten or five of the closest friends/ family of the bride.


Once the guest list is finalised, you can then move on to the location. Deciding the venue after the finalised gest lit will help you to determine how large the event venue should. If there are forty to fifty guests, then of course renting a small party venue will make sense. But if this is a small affair with a very few numbers of guests, it can happen in the bride’s favourite bar or café too. Just make sure you make a reservation first or you might end up outside the venue without enough space.


Themes aren’t an absolute necessity to bridal shower. But it does add a certain extra party atmosphere. Themes can be more mature themes like coloured themes or something like bohemian theme, rustic theme or a floral theme. Of course this mean you have to think of decorations, look for places with good flower delivery Melbourne and put a little extra effort when choosing a venue to match the theme.


Once everything else is set, then plan the menu which include both drinks and food. Learn the dietary restrictions of the guests if there are any. Who can and cannot drink? What are the beverage options for those who do not drink? Include options for those who are vegetarian/ vegan, lactose intolerant or has diabetes and other health conditions that affect the diet. Once everything is settled, send out the invites and wait for the day. If you want you can also purchase some extra bridal shower party items like tiaras or sashes, customised posters, garlands