In today’s modern way of living, we prefer everything delivered to our doorstep. Whether it be online shopping or booking a vehicle from home, everything happens just with a few touches on the screen. Such is the advanced world; every need has its modern solutions. The businesses now have also widened the choices for consumers by allowing customized and personalized solutions.

Back in the days, moving goods from one place to another was so much of a nuisance. Did you know? In the current times, you can move a house from one location to another! Yes, you read that right. You must be wondering how that is possible, don’t worry. We have outlined a small brief for you to have a fair understanding.

The various designs which are available for an easy installation


A modular home is a type of portable space that is built in an indoor environment, off-site. They are constructed under close supervision, thus creating a model of the house. After the model is ready, the sections are transported to the location of installation.

Then the constructors assemble it in the foundation. Ta-Da! You can now move into your new house. Modular homes are cost-effective as it is produced in mass quantity. Also, you can assure modernity and attractiveness by customizing the model.


However, just like modular homes, there are other spaces and rooms that are easy to install. Suppose you go camping, there may be portable toilets in the Melbourne area. Hence, it is because the campsite has visitors all year round. However, what more than a blessing to have a proper restroom in the woods.

Whether you have to go late in the night or early in the chilled morning, now you wouldn’t have to take another hike away from the tent or do it in the open. This arrangement is not only beneficial when you go camping, but it can also come in handy in theme parks, for separate servant washrooms, outdoors, etc. However, by having the proper facility, strict hygiene is maintained.


If you think these two are the only easy installing models, hold on. If you are sharing a room with three other members, get yourself a portable room. Yes, there are cabins that can be customized to meet the needs of the users. It is a perfect solution whether there is a space problem or you are a part of a growing family and need an additional room. Moreover, installing a separate room is also an ideal option if you have adequate space in the backyard. It could be rented out as a form of investment or used as a guest room.


However, apart from living, when it comes to working, one can get a portable office at a reasonable rate to start up their enterprise. When starting a venture, there can be a lot of financial expenses. Hence, a portable office is an ideal choice as it is cost-efficient, and it also saves up-time. One-time investment in a portable office can assure a stress-free business future to come. Thus, one does not have to pay high rentals every month or worry about relocating after a fixed rent span.