With the new NBN project underway, most Australians are switching over their internet services to the NBN, so this naturally means users will also have to shift their landline services too. If you are one such customer then this article if for you and it will briefly answer your questions.

Before we get into further details, one thing you should know is that getting VoIP set up on your landline is not that easy. Most of us have completely ditched out land phones for out mobile phones. However, if you do decide to proceed then make sure you are you service providers detailed questions about the plan.

What exactly is VoIP on NBN?

A voice over internet protocol is basically a landlines service and is quite similar to the tradition landline service being nowadays. Some service providers might even let you keep your old phone or use your old number as well.

The difference between the normal landline and VoIP is that you send and receive calls over the internet. You can call any mobile number or landline using your internet connection. There are two options of getting landline calls though the NBN.

The most common service is the UNI-D VoIP and comes with all types of NBN connections. The other superior type of connection is the UNI-V VoIP which is also known as Fibre phone. This service is only available if you have a fibre connection.

Now all of this may sound like Greek to some so it’s best you get professionals to come to fix up the connections for you. You can look online for additional information.

How much does this cost?

The internet and VoIP bundle are not common and not all NBN providers will offer this package. However, when the bundle is available you can pick between pay as you call pack or an unlimited calls pack. You can expect to pay between 60AUD to 100AUD per month for the NBN.

A good formula to choose your plans is to factor in the speed, monthly data capacity and any other extras like entertainment or phone call.

How will VoIP be different from my current landline?

There are quite a number of similarities between the two types but there is also a significant difference.

Your VoIP depends on the NBN connection, so if your internet is down then your landline will stop working too. This is not a big issue because most of us have mobile phones, but it can be quite annoying sometimes.

Another drawback with VoIP services is that if the power in your area or home is down then your landline services are also down. However, if you are using a fibre option then you this might not be a problem because fibre phones have a battery backup.

These are some of the most important things you need to know about VoIP on NBN. Make sure to get detailed information from your service provider before you make a decision.