What better way to spend your Saturday night than meeting with your girls in one of your apartments, drinking, gossiping and in general having an awesome time. If you and your girl gang are few of those who know how to have epic fun, it goes without saying that you know how to plan a terrific party. If you have already planned with your girls to meet up and have a night in this weekend, here are some juicy tips to make it more interesting and memorable. It is always good to break the routine and try new and exciting things with your girlfriends. Adding some spice to your girls’ nights also can be one of those exciting new things you could venture into.

What are some of the ways you can spice up your girls’ nights?

Why do you have to wait until a hens’ night to order a male stripper and have some adult entertainment? Why not add some spice to your Saturday night with your girls by hiring a male stripper to provide your girl gang with some much-needed pure entertainment? There are plenty companies that offer male strippers in Adelaide for affordable prices. Therefore, with the right kind of research and recommendations you can find an ideal professional company to provide the entertainment that will spice up your evening with the girls.

Meeting with your girls mean that you will be drinking to your heart’s content. When the wine goes in, the truth comes out. Therefore, why not make a game out of it and engage in some drinking games that are fun and entertaining? You can search on the internet and find plenty of drinking games to do with your girls that will make the evening much more fun and memorable. Spin the bottle, Truth or dare, Charades are some of the most common games that get girls’ nights going.

Another way you can add some entertainment is to watch an old chick flick that all of you once enjoyed as teens. There is something special about watching classics with your friends that arise a sense of nostalgia. Find a couple of chick flicks that all of you have watched and watch it again to go down memory lane.

Cooking is one of the most effective ways girls can bond over. Generally, most girls’ night ins, end up with ordering pizza and by eating lots of junk food and desserts. It would be a fun change of plans to have some recipes prepared and get the whole crew involved in creating an engaged in creating a full course dinner that you all can sit down and enjoy later. It would be most fun to get the girls to pick what they want to make and let them be in charge of that dish for the night. Put on some music and help each other cook a delicious dinner while singing and dancing to make it one of the best nights to remember for the rest of your lives.