There is no easy way of dealing with death, as it is one of the most difficult things we will ever have to face in life. Especially when it is the death of a loved one who has been near and dear to us, in no way can we prepare for their passing. However, when they do, we are left with overwhelming emotions as we do not know how to adopt to life without them. After the passing of your loved one, the next immediate thing that happens is the funeral. You may not be ready to say goodbye to your loved one, nevertheless, still you are given one more opportunity to say goodbye to them at the funeral. So, funerals are an open doorway that provides closure to the surviving relatives and friends to deal with the death of their loved one.

If you are planning a funeral for a late loved one who lived a simple and humble life, you would want to honour their memory by planning a simple and personal funeral that they actually would enjoy had they been alive. This is one of the perfect ways to say goodbye to the loved one and keep their memory alive right throughout the funeral service. A traditional funeral, Melbourne residents have seen are pretty big and ceremonious with so many people gathering and paying last tributes to the deceased. However, if your culture or religion does not allow such ceremonious funerals, or if you think that having a simple and personal funeral would honor the deceased in the best possible way, you can speak with the funeral director and arrange matters in a way that you and your loved ones will get an intimate and personal time at the funeral that provides you with the closure your need to deal with the death.

Just because it is a simple and personal event, it does not have to be done rashly. You can incorporate so many creative things into the event that will make it simply beautiful and memorable for all those who attend it. You must first decide if its going to be a religious or a non-religious ceremony. And according to your choice, you can plan the ceremony in a way that reflects the beliefs, customs, and the background of the deceased person.

Since it is going to be a small and intimate ceremony you can make it special by adding many flowers and candles to celebrate the life of the person who has passed on. You can also get somebody present to read something appropriate and sentimental that will be comforting to those who are mourning the death of their loved one. One of the things that many people forget when planning a funeral is music. You could create an appropriate song list or even have just instrumental music playing in the background as it will be comforting and also beautiful. These are some of the ways you can have an absolutely beautiful yet, intimate, and personal funeral service for a late loved one.