The COVID-19 virus is affecting millions of people worldwide, including businesses like restaurants – from small diners to five-star restaurants. In fact, some of them had permanently closed down due to bankruptcy.

Moreover, it has caused a ripple effect among connected industries, such as beer production, farming and fishing. If you have plans of opening your restaurant this year, it’s indispensable to have a solid plan that includes both your short and long-term goals. To help you get started, here’s the list of restaurant must-haves that you can keep in mind.


Owning a restaurant requires the right chef, location, menu, and the likes. But what’s more important is to have the right idea or concept as it plays a key role in making your restaurant business successful. Make sure to begin with a special idea or concept that perfectly works in your preferred location. Don’t be in a rush. Take time to think about it.


To be at par or better than your competitors, you have to invest in the right technology for your restaurants, such as POS or point of sale, KDS or kitchen display screen, ingredient inventory management, and digital ordering, to name some. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s also a must to have a visitor registration app for contact tracing. This app is contactless and easy to use. Moreover, it offers privacy protected data feature.


The location can make or break the success of your restaurant. You need to locate one that can get decent crowds. If there are other businesses in your chosen location, you may ask them for honest feedbacks. You have to consider the accessibility of the location, too. It should be accessible to both private and public transportation.


Just like a corporate job, you need to interview the potential candidates for your restaurant business. It’s best to hire people who have previous experience in this kind of industry. If you want only the best, know how to hire and train them. You have to learn how to treat them properly as well.


If you’re a new restauranteur, you have to do marketing efforts so other people will know that your restaurant exists. Start by creating your own website using a free blogging platform like WordPress. You may take advantage of social media websites, too, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The traditional way of having a billboard and giving out flyers are effective marketing strategies, still.


When it comes to the menu, it has to be unique yet can pass the standards of your future customers. Your chef can help build the menu you like. Be sure to take time in choosing the best ingredients, equipment, etc. Allow your family and friends to taste test the food items on your menu as they’d tell you which ones need to be improved.

Online Ordering

Every restaurant can benefit from online ordering as it can cater to people who don’t want to go out anymore to dine. All they have to do is tap into the menu and send the order online.

Become one of the best restaurants in your country by having this list of restaurant must-haves.