A business is a profit-seeking organization that sells goods or services to its customers in exchange for cash returns. All profitable organizations hope to maximize their sales in order to receive more profit.In this article, we will speak about all aspects of running a business.


To run any business, a small one or big, there has to be a financial investment made. If there is no finance in the business, it makes it nearly impossible to run it. No finance means you cannot buy raw materials, invest in other business operating resources, pay your employees, nor invest in marketing strategies to make the business grow. And, the most significant aspect- if there is no finance, it means there will be no profit generating from the business. Thus, a steady cash inflow is essential to run a smooth business.


When recruiting new employees, it’s vital to first make a job description and a person specification. This helps you to get a clearer vision of what job role is available and which type of person will be most suitable for it. 

Once recruited, employees will work efficiently for some time. However, as time passes, they will get bored of doing the same job or get demotivated if working conditions aren’t as they expected them to be. Thus, employee motivation is a significant part of retaining your employees. There are financial and non-financial motivation methods and theories that you can implement according to your business type.


If your business has a strong brand, it will help retain consumers and earn customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is very important for a business as retaining customers is cheaper than finding new ones. If a brand is strong, customers get attached. Consumers can easily recognize your brand by glancing at your corporate signage fitouts and differentiating them from your rivals. Your business needs to have a unique selling point that attracts more buyers towards your business.

A strong brand allows you to get ahold of a larger market share giving you a competitive edge over your adversaries.


It is only when you market your products and services, that the public will know about them. There are various marketing techniques you can use to get more customers. Promotional methods, marketing campaigns, social media advertising, etc. Marketing is a method of convincing your potential customers to buy your products and the more sales, the better.


Consumers look for products worth the money. They weigh out their options and get the cheapest one with the same worth, in this case, if your prices are high compared to your competitors, customers will automatically get attracted to the competing business. And obviously, they will have more sales which will equal a larger market share.

There are 5 types of pricing strategies you can use:

  • Cost-plus pricing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Penetration pricing
  • Price skimming
  • Value-based pricing

It is best to plan out your business strategies ahead of time and prepare cash flow forecasts to gauge an idea of how much cash you will have at hand in case of emergencies and to keep track of when cash is coming in and going out of your business. If you strategically plan your business, it will operate smoothly.