Since there is still a misconception about CBD oil, giving it to your kids might seem to be a ridiculous, not to mention irresponsible thing for a parent to do. But for those parents who see their child suffering from medical conditions that could not be treated or cured by traditional medications, they would try everything else, especially if it would provide relief to their child in agony.

Before you dismiss the idea of giving CBD oil to your kids, you have to be informed first on what CBD really is.

CBD oil will not get your kid stoned

Although CBD oil came from the marijuana plant, it will not get you stoned. This is the number one misconception about CBD oil. Common questions about CBD oil are “will CBD appear in my drug test” or does CBD oil get you stoned. So, it is no wonder why parents are sceptical about giving their kids this natural treatment in spite of numerous benefits. The truth is CBD does come from marijuana plant but it is not psychoactive, THC does which is the other main component of the plant that is responsible for making people stoned.

CBD oil is not cheap

Since there are those who still do not acknowledge the medical benefits of CBD oil, it is not covered by any medical insurance policies even if it is used for medical purposes. If, you will be using CBD oil to help treat your kid’s condition, you have to consider the financial implications and add it to your monthly budget and expenses. Allocate some of your funds to purchasing it especially if it is proven to be effective in relieving your kid’s symptoms. Or you could try and move to another state or country where this is legal and even if it is still not covered in your medical insurance, perhaps it would be significantly cheaper since the sale of it is regulated.

CBD oil could be mixed in your kid’s food or drinks

If you are purchasing CBD oil for your kid that already understood what CBD is, they might feel embarrassed and their friends might tease them about this since they might not fully understand how CBD oil works. In order to avoid this and for them to not continually explain themselves, you could just mix it in their food or drinks.

This is also helpful for kids who are picky eaters and might not want the taste of CBD oil if you would just make them ingest it by using a dropper. Some adults could not even bear the pungent taste of the oil, how much more kids? Of course, there are CBD oil blends now that comes in various flavours which helped with the taste a little. But to make sure that your kids would not protest into taking them, mix it in their food and or drink and they would not know the difference.

Even if you have done hours of research about CBD oil for kids, you should still talk to your kid’s paediatrician about this since they are the ones who truly knows your child’s condition and it would not hurt to hear their professional advice.