While divorce is a hard and overwhelming process to undergo, it is even harder to let your child go. Your love for your child may cloud your head with the fear of losing them when you get the letter about choosing which parent gets custody. Here are some basic dos and don’ts to winning the one battle you never want to lose:

Work with your ex-partner

No matter how rough the divorce was or how tough your times with your ex-partner were, showing a willingness to work together will display to court your maturity and understanding that your ex is also a part of your precious one’s life. Do not argue in court about petty things and avoid creating a negative impression on your husband/wife, let the evidence do that for you if it is necessary. There are chances that you may lose custody if the court feels that your hatred towards your ex may give you a chance of keeping him/her away from your kids.

You have rights as a parent

As a parent, exercise your rights to visit your child and spend as much time with them as you can. Try your best to avoid rescheduling the time you have allocated with your kids. No matter how busy you are they need to be your first choice.

While your child/children may love you for taking them to the movies they love and those theme parks they enjoy spending time in, nothing will make them love you more than just sitting down with them, talking to them and helping them out with basics like their homework. You may not realize it but this ensures them that no matter the separation, they can always count on you to be there for them.

Document incidents

In situations where you fear for your child’s safety and are not ready to agree with joint custody, document credible evidence of violent behaviour displayed by your ex whether they are drunk or not. You can gather witnesses to help you with it as well. Make it clear to the court that you are doing this not out of spite, but out of genuine fear for your children.

Find an experienced lawyer

To help you win custody of your child, select an experienced lawyer that specializes in this field. It is best to go with a child custody and parenting order lawyer as they are the most experienced in handling cases which are similar to yours. Do not solely target big and famous firms, instead target lawyers that you are comfortable working with and that you sense you can trust. Keep constant communication with your lawyer and help them by revealing all information that you think may help you win this case.

Learn about Family Laws

To be more aware on the case and legalities surrounding child custody, make sure you do your own research. This will help you get an understanding on what to expect during court procedures.

The most important thing you need to remember when it comes to winning child custody, is that the court will always choose what they think is best for your child/children. So, use your time in court to convince them about your love and care for your kids and why you are the best choice for them.