Going to work can be a huge bore for many people around the world. One of the ways you can build up excitement is choosing fashionable office-wear outfits. Not only will you feel more confident at work, what you wear can actually have the power to motivate you to work better, because now you look the part. Leave out the boring old greys and focus on some colour here and there, matched with appropriate work-wear clothing styles to make you stand on trend perfectly. Let’s get into some major office-wear trends in 2021:

Lightweight Blazer

You could wear a comfortable light blazer in place of a hefty one, for a stylish and easy office look. Pair it up with a black top and white office pants that match the blazer and you will be good to go. Do not forget to also focus on your footwear! Enhance your shoe game with black block heels or closed toe flats with a modern design to complete your new office look.

Trendy Sweaters

When winter is around the corner, many people like to opt for cooler tones and warmer feelings in regard to the clothes they wear. For example, names like Carhartt Australia have many stores that provide chic black and white sweaters. They can be paired with office pants or a pencil skirt for an aesthetic and fashionable look at your workplace.


Not only can jumpsuits make your life easier, it can give you a complete look with half the effort. The most suitable type of jumpsuit to wear would be a smart casual one of course. You can dress up your jumpsuit with some modest jewellery and add on some office shoes, along with a trendy hand bag and you will be good to go!

Printed Tops

Yes! Prints are totally in at every office at the moment. Big, bold, bright or subtle almost all prints are acceptable this time around. But for the office, it’s better to go with some pastel or light prints and pair it with a single-coloured pant to balance out the print at work. Depending on the neckline you could also add in some chunky jewellery such as a thick chained twisted necklace and ensure to have a bright lip for that perfect office fashionista presence.

The black shirt

If you want to go back to basics, then you will know the black shirt is a must have in every working woman’s wardrobe. If you have had a wild night out and have to head into work the next day, guess what most of you will pull out of the closet. That’s right! The black shirt. Why? Because it is one of the most safe and efficient pieces of clothing a woman can have.

It goes with almost anything you try it out with. You could put on jeans with it for casual Fridays, wear wide legged pants, patterned office pants or a pencil skirt. You could also dress it up more by adding on various accessories suitable for the office. It is a versatile garment that is worth the money.

Change up your office-wear looks and stay on trend this season, your colleagues and boss are sure to notice the difference, and who knows, you may even get a raise?