With Christmas coming around the corner, everyone is counting the days for their favorite holidays. As a business, it’s crucial that you take steps to keep your employees happier than ever now that they’re working hard to recover from a global pandemic. In doing so, hosting a company-wide secret Santa event is one loud token of appreciation.

So, how to do it right? Let us find out.

Isolate branches, but not by the event itself

The biggest mistake that most top managers do is expecting regional branches to be in contact with each other. Although the prime purpose is to promote unity, it’s not going to happen in the practical context. Hence, the rule of thumb is to isolate each branch, but make everyone participate.

Invest in affordable packaging solutions

There’s no sense in a company-hosted secret Santa event if the company wasn’t involved in the process. In this situation, you have two major options; you can either sponsor gifts, or you can sponsor for packaging. It doesn’t need elaboration to know that it’s much cheaper to sponsor for packaging. To be more and more organized, you can simply encourage the regional managers to make a list of the types and the number of units of the requirement first.

Once you have the list, all you need to do is reach out to a packaging supplier that is well known for producing products for the need of packaging presents. To make the overall cost even lower, it’s ideal to steer away from small-scale DIY companies and go with a wholesaler who undertakes units by hundreds.

This way, you’ll be able to participate as a company in the secret Santa event increasing employee satisfaction to the maximum. Given how there are a handful of packaging suppliers eagerly waiting for Christmas time, you don’t have to worry about having to wait or even overpaying due to limited stocks.

Advertise the event

Marketing should always be the core skill of a great manager. When it comes to the company level, it’s important that you let the world know that your employees are happy, and the company takes care of them. If there happened to be better talent looking for a chance, small gestures like these will send ripples across the industry and attract them.

Provide cheaper opportunities for company goods

If your company was the type to sell products that are present-worthy for a Christmas Santa event, it’s another chance to make a massive scale. But that’s not going to be friendly enough if there wasn’t a special secret-Santa discount.

But since this discount can be exploited, it’s much better to limit it within the company and set some ground rules after all.

Final takeaways

Not everyone gets to have CEOs and top management boards that actually care about the employees. Given how human resources are the most valuable resources, you must ensure that not at least one employee uses the office Wi-Fi to look for new jobs.

Hosting a better secret Santa event across the business is just one cost-effective yet massively impactful step.