Since the start of the pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting the home frequently is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your family safe from COVID. This virus is easily transmitted between persons and it could also be transmitted via surfaces since the virus can stay and survive for some time on different surfaces. This is the reason why aside from maintaining good body hygiene, you should also clean your home frequently to get rid of that invisible virus and protect your family.

Aside from regular cleaning, you should also disinfect your home regularly. Cleaning refers to removing all the visible dirt on surfaces while disinfecting refers to a deeper clean, getting rid of germs and microbes on surfaces. If someone is sick in your home or simply want to keep your home safe from COVID, here are the steps you should keep in mind.

What To Do When Someone Is Sick at Home?

If you have someone sick with COVID in your home, the first thing you need to do is to isolate that person in a separate room if possible. It is important to limit your contact with that person to lower the risk of transmission.

When cleaning, be sure to take extra precautions such as wearing masks and using gloves when going near the patient. Clean the area around the patient only when needed to limit physical contact with them. If they are physically able, you could just provide them with cleaning supplies so that they can do the cleaning on their own.


Aside from regular cleaning, disinfecting should always be included in your cleaning routine. Germs can’t be seen by the naked eye that’s why it is important to disinfect all the areas that are hotspots for germs even if the surface looks clean. The hotspots for germs are those things and surfaces that we touch frequently such as doorknobs, phones, switches, tabletops, toilets, railings, and other similar things.

When disinfecting, be sure to wear gloves to protect your hand from the chemicals in the disinfectant solution. Don’t forget to wear a face mask to protect you from the virus and even from inhaling harmful fumes from your cleaning products. To be assured of a thorough and more efficient clean, you could hire professional COVID cleaning service on a schedules basis to keep your home clean and protect your family from this virus.

Cleaning Products for COVID

Regular cleaning products are not enough to fight COVID. You also need to use disinfectants to be sure that your home is COVID-free after cleaning. The most common disinfecting products are alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Lysol, Purell, and Clorox.

You might already have them in your home but if you don’t, it is important to invest in some of these cleaning products so you can disinfect your home regularly or as needed. Be sure to follow the proper techniques on how to disinfect surface properly for maximum efficacy.

Keeping your home clean is important in keeping yourself and your family safe in this battle against COVID.