Golf is one of the best sports that’s graced the earth. There we said it. It combines the calming and beautiful open-air and the evergreen expanses of acre after acre of manicured grass with a dynamic exhibition of strength and finesse. See with golf you need not only be a hard swinger to drive that little cork ball hundreds of metres down the green, but you also need to have a keen eye, with perfect intuition for wind speed and the trust that your limbic system will take care of the rest. Golf is great and like we said before this article is going to talk about just why it’s so important that everyone tries it at least once before they fall in love with it.

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Now onto the reasons, the first and foremost is that it is an amazing exercise. Golf is a generally low-impact sport that requires quick bursts of dynamism (when driving the ball downrange) and plenty of extended periods of walking. By the end of the course, you will likely have walked over 4 miles, leaving you nice and refreshed but also satisfied with a good amount of physical exercise. Don’t expect to be drenched in sweat or gasping for breath at any point during a golf session. This is an easygoing sport that requires a lot of walking. Another reason to play golf is that it gives you an excuse to be out in the outdoors. In the largely sedentary world that we live in today, physical exercise is becoming rare, and going outside is becoming even rarer. We are essentially vampires compared to our predecessors. Going outside and being one with nature leaves you with lower blood pressure, less anxiety, a happier mood, and better sleep. Add to that that golf courses are some of the most picturesque locations on planet earth and you’ve got yourself an added bonus.

Another reason to join a golf club is that it can be a very social experience and you can make plenty of new friends. While playing golf with a friend that you already know is great and all, one of the real joys of it comes when you go to the golf course alone. Inform the clubhouse that you want to play a game or two with some people that you don’t know yet, and they are likely to help you make introductions with other members. And at the end of the day, you will be having a celebratory drink with your new friends. Golf is both a social activity and an individualistic one. Though you do head out onto the turf with a group generally. It’s your scores that matter at the end of the day. And golf provides the perfect battleground to constantly improve yourself and your technique.