If you are moving across the country or overseas, your first thought might have been “I’d need a ton of cardboard boxes!” Cardboard boxes have been around for a long time but we have rarely given it a lot of thought, unless we are moving or we need to ship some stuffs.

This is perfectly reasonable since this the purpose why cardboard boxes were manufactured in the first place. Since we remember them during these crucial times that we really need them, this might mean they serve their purpose well. Besides, there are no other alternatives that could truly compete with cardboard boxes when it comes to shipping or moving all our belongings.

To avoid buying too much or too little cardboard boxes that you ended up not knowing what you will do with the excess boxes or trying to figure out how you will ship or move the rest of your stuff, read below.

Estimate the size and number of cardboard boxes you need

After you have estimated the number of cardboard boxes you will need, add one or two more to be sure. Don’t forget to order in varied sizes. When your boxes vary in sizes you would not have a hard time filling them with similar items, keeping your boxes organized and making unpacking a breeze.

For example, you don’t have a lot of kitchen things but you have tons of books and other knickknacks in your living room. You would not want to pack some of your books together with some of your kitchen items since your books might be damaged. If you order varied sized cardboard boxes, you could just simply use a smaller box for your kitchen items then a larger one for your living room things.

Don’t forget to purchase “special” boxes

For fragile and breakable items, there are Custom boxes Australia has to offer that are designed to ship and move them. These boxes have sturdier bottoms or it might come with cardboard dividers to keep the breakables from shifting and colliding with each other that might cause them to break.

Buy in bulk if possible

To save some money in buying cardboard boxes, buy in bulk. Try to buy from the same seller to avail of any discounts. Just make sure that you are buying from a supplier that sells varied size cardboard boxes. You could go and look online for these retailers (some moving companies sell not only cardboard boxes but other packing products as well).

Your local office supply store or book shops might also have some cardboard boxes for sale. Ask around before purchasing because you might be able to score some discounted cardboard boxes from the unlikely sellers. 

Once you have unpacked, don’t discard these cardboard boxes since you could still reuse them. You might need to ship some stuff back to your hometown since they don’t fit in your new home or when it’s time for you to move again, you could still use the same boxes.