It can be difficult to live without a cooling and heating system especially if you live in a country that experiences seasons or extreme temperature variations. There are many heating and cooling systems available and you need to consider which type is best for your home and which is more energy efficient when it comes to your requirements. This can be discussed further with your supplier as well.

Central air conditioning is a popular system and it involves the circulation of a refrigerant in an indoor coil that is connected to an outdoor condenser with a compressor. The air is cooled and dehumidified with the help of refrigerant and there is a ducted system that blows this cool air into the house. Depending on the cooling and heating load of your home, you can install a forced air heating system to the existing ducts. But this needs to be done with an experienced installed. Zoned cooling systems work with sensors that will monitor temperature throughout the house and detect when cool air is required to a certain location. The information collected by the sensors is sent to a central controller that will activate the system and send cool air to that zone only. These are very energy efficient.

There are high velocity air conditioners that have an outdoor compressor to cool the air. They come with a high pressure blower located at a high point in the house. This type of air conditioning installation uses flexible tubing that can be fixed behind the walls so that nothing can be seen from the outside. Forced air systems are used for heating and cooling. There is a duct network throughout the house and cool or warm air will be blown into the house with these. There are grilles installed on the ceiling or the floor connected to the ducts and this is where the air will be entered into the home. Many systems run on electricity while some run on gas. The components that need to be powered are the filter, blower and the heating coils. You need to consider the climate of your location, the size of the house and the available insulation when choosing a cooling and heating system.

One of the common cooling methods is the use of room air conditioners. The capacity of the air conditioner is determined based on the energy efficiency ratio. There are two types of room air conditioners such as window and wall units. You need to check whether they come with different features such as sleep settings, energy saving options, noise insulation, timers etc. You also need to consider the dimensions and the volume of the room when sizing a room air conditioner. This will be done by the supplier. Check the differences of each brand and how the price changes with warranty and number of features provided. However, this system can be expensive if you are installing this in every room. A ducted system may be a better fit for multiple rooms.