Your hands are the most used part of your body every day. You use it in almost everything that you do – from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed. Since it is greatly utilized, your hands also deserve some care and pampering to keep it looking beautiful and feeling soft and smooth.

Taking care of the hands isn’t really that complicated. In fact, it is easy to incorporate it to your daily routine to maintain the beauty of your hands. Here are some of the different things you can do to care for your hands.

Keep It Clean

The hands come in contact with a lot of things and surfaces in a day. Even if it looks clean, you wouldn’t know how many harmful microorganisms can be there just lurking and waiting for its chance to infect us. Be sure to keep your hands clean at all times to prevent the spread of diseases and protect yourself as well. When washing your hands, rub it against each other for at least 20 seconds, making sure that all its surfaces are covered with soap. Use a good soap like the iconic Aspar hand wash to keep your skin healthy while killing the germs as you wash.

Apply Hand Cream

Your hands are prone to dryness when you wash them frequently or when you handle products that contain harsh chemicals such as cleaners. Dry hands look older, wrinkled, and even feel rough to touch. When you have this problem, nourish your hands by applying a hand cream to moisturize it. Hand creams are a lot more effective to your hands than regular lotions since they contain more ingredients that provide hydrating, nourishing, and softening benefits.


Just like the other parts of the body, your hands deserve some massage too with all the things they do the whole day. Massaging the hands regularly improves circulation in that area, making it look younger and more beautiful. Aside from that, hand massage also provides pain relief, improves grip, and helps you feel more relaxed and get a better sleep. Try massaging your hands after applying hand cream for smoother squeezes.

Groom the Nails

Aside from the hand itself, you also need to groom your nails regularly to make your hands look beautiful and appealing. Trimming your nails regularly is a part of maintaining good personal hygiene. You could also level up your nail care and get a manicure as well. A manicure will give you shaped nails, treated cuticles, and also improve the growth of your nails.

You can get your nails painted with a nail color of your choice. If you’re not really good with applying a nail polish, you can maintain its appearance by applying press on nails instead. Newer versions stays on your nails longer, making your nails look like it was done by a professional nail artist.

Taking care of your hands shouldn’t be complicated at all. With those simple ways, you can surely have beautiful hands that look and feel good all the time.