Are you prepping for a long-awaited summer vacation? In case you’ve forgotten what your clothing list looks like, here’s one that shall help.

A Maxi Dress

Are not maxi dresses one of those few ‘simple’ clothing types that can make you look effortlessly pretty and super comfy? This is why it might be an ideal outfit to take on your summer trips. Maxi dresses are so convenient, it could go perfectly well with a flat pair of sandals and loose hair on a daytime stroll, or wear it with some cheerful ear rings and high heels to a dinner dance! It simply works either way, and the best part is that it does not really require extra pieces of clothing for enhancement, at all!

A Couple of Basic Tees

You can never go wrong with your basic tees, can you?  They are ideal to wear at any time of the year! In summer, you can look effortlessly stylish in one of them, whether you pair it up with jeans, shorts, or wide legged trousers. Or if leggings and tees are always your thing, then why not? They are all great combos in Summer. Look for the best leggings to wear in Summer if you think you’d need a stylish new pair.

A Cardigan

Isn’t it funny how, you somehow find an excuse to take a jacket or cardigan to keep yourself warm, no matter what the weather is like? When it comes to trips in Summer, a cardigan might be just what you’d want.

It is light and should be just right to give you enough warmth when your early morning walks on the beachside are a tad bit chilly, or the air conditions at the restaurant is a bit too high. You are likely to have one in your wardrobe that goes with almost all of the rest of your clothing – this is the one you’d throw in your luggage!

Sandals, Sneakers and High Heels

It is up-to you to decide if you’d just go with a classic pair of sandals that’ll go with everything, or add an extra pair or two to go with specific outfits you’ve packed. Most would go with option 1, especially if there is going to be space issues in their luggage.

If your trip is going to involve some or a lot of walking and hiking, a pair of sneakers is essential, or you just won’t be able to fulfill your itinerary! High heels, on the other hand are completely optional. You’d consider taking just one pair only if you are going to be at events like dinners or dances with your boyfriend or spouse.

The Hat!

Your Summer vacay might be just the ideal time to try your fancies with stylish summer hats. If you have been eyeing them at the store for a while but never gotten it because you just didn’t know when and where you’d be wearing it, now might be the perfect time! Thus, grab that hat and pack it in your bag before it’s gone!