This is a gel like clear substance that’s naturally available in your skin. It is a chemical that is mild and one that can be used by all skin types as well. This is naturally found in our skin, eyes and even connective tissue. Its primary function is to absorb water and to retain it.

It’s massive hydrating agent for the skin. Just like how we’re constantly asked to hydrate ourselves with water for the body, this acid helps retain it, and gives more time for water to work its magic on our skin. It is mainly used as serum for skincare, but it is sometimes used as eye drops as well.

Relieves Joint Pain

This is naturally found in joints, and helps it keep well-oiled and lubricated. When our bones are well oiled, lubricated, it doesn’t create a friction and helps with the smooth functioning over a period of time. Hyaluronic acid is a good supplement for people who are suffering with degenerative diseases of bones that increases the wear and tear of bones. When it is injected directly to the bones, it helps with instant pain relief. And taking it in small doses if you have bone problems it helps with ongoing pain as well.

Healthy & Robust Skin

This helps with maintaining supple skin. The fact that it retains water helps with maintain clear, rejuvenated skin that helps it keep looking younger. It helps with the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and evens out the skin.

While you can’t reverse the natural process of aging, hyaluronic acid can definitely help you slow it, it buys time for moisture to retain in your skin and thereby the extraction process of all the goodness to our skin. Using it in the form of a serum or cream is the most ideal. You can ideally get these at pharmacies, skin care shops or look for a glow serum online that has hyaluronic acid as a main ingredient.

Ideal for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be caused by a number of reasons. However, it is mostly popular due to the lack of tear production or the over production of tears in our eyes. Since this ingredient is ideal for retaining moisture, it can be used as eyedrops to maintain it and help with the dryness. This is mostly used after Lasik surgery or any type of eye surgery to reduce the itchiness and fast track the healing process as well. Constant contact lens users where oxygen is blocked for long periods of times for the eye uses this ingredient in their eyedrops.

Increases Bone Strength

Taking hyaluronic acid supplements can assist bone strength in the long run. While it helps ease the pain for degenerative diseases, it can also assist with slowing down the process of bone loss. While this is still in the study phase, it will hopefully be available for those are suffering from degenerative diseases to actually slow down the process and not just help with pain relief.

While this acid and ingredient is a very safe one, it is always important to understand the side effects and possible negative effects of the same, before trying it out on your own.